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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Recon in Force: More Mecha

Last month massive machineries of war were spotted on the horizon (Advancing Mecha Sighted!).The emphasis on Armor Grid's excellent models was for quick starting, print-n-play action. This follow up features a small selection from the vast world of 15mm Mecha and terrain, plus a Kickstarter you should really look into if you're a Mech aficionado.
First up is Rebel Minis, the 15mm masters. They have a vast array of units, designs for several different armies (including alien bugs, Mr. Rico) and box set deals for Two Hour Wargames 5150 Star Army series.
Next we have Khurasan Miniatures. They are vast, they contain multitudes. Plenty of armor, hardsuits and infantry. Plus Gigeresque and Lovecraftian horrors to haunt your armies nightmares!
Meanwhile on Kickstarter the Salamander Mech  is fully funded with a half month still to go. This very large Mech would even be suitable for 28mm gaming IMHO

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Six Golden Geek Nominations for Fate Core

Winter Knight FATE Dice
Winter Knight FATE Dice (Photo credit: Eoghann Irving)
The 2013 Golden Geek Award nominees have been announced, and six of them are for Evil Hat's Fate Core and Fate Core supplements. I've wanted to write about Fate for a while now and this seems like a propitious time.
Fate is a highly flexible story-driven system descended from the venerable FUDGE system. With roughly an hour of discussion around a table with your friends you can adapt any of your favorite role-playing settings, books, movies or good old wild imaginings and start playing. Evil Hat also publishes Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE), a trimmed-down version excellent for introducing folks to Fate and RPGs in general. I used Fate Accelerated for a pick-up game of wild pulp space action at my FLGS.
You'll need 2 to 4 friends, pencil and paper, four Fate dice (recommended but regular d6s will do) and some beads or tokens or such to use as Fate points. Gamemasters tempt the players into risky actions and players propose wild plot twists by exchanging Fate points.
There are a wide variety of game settings already available for Fate and more are on the way. Evil Hat has published the Fate System Toolkit to help you fine-tune your game and two volumes of ready to run Worlds for your friends to adventure in.
Fate: Core System and Fate Accelerated are both available as physical books and pdf versions are available as pay-what-you-want items from DriveThru RPGs.
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