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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ooooh! Shiny!

For months now I've been caught up in the cycle of needing to get just one more model to make my collection perfect. "I need this for my game!" "I need that for my game!" Doing so much to create the perfect game that I never play the game.

I bet there's a term for that.

Among the must-have items that I got to make the game perfect:

  • Squirmydad's Steam Ram. A steam tank with nice customizing options.
  • Steam Rocket Troopers from Dragnoz' Gods of Steam. The Rocket Troopers pdf uses layers for extra customizing and the Storm Troopers have been updated to use layers as well. So many choices!
  • Cowboys and Indians from Arion Games. I observed the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by buying Cowboys and Indians. Go figure.
  • WorldWorks' Deadman's Canyon. Wild west mesas.