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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Masters of the Skies

"Airships must be powerful masters of the skies as the ultimate symbols of freedom and defiance, roaming the clouds without hindrance and restraint".
-- Nick Ottens

view from French dirigible
view from French dirigible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Nick Ottens has posted a splendid article at The Gatehouse on the ups-and-downs (Haw Haw) of airships in wartime. The main vulnerability was the flammable hydrogen gas used for lift. Also, the effectiveness of airships as bombers was hindered by altitude, wind and cloud cover. All problems easily solvable in a world of Science gone Mad!
Firstly the development of non-flammable lifting gas or alternate means of neutral buoyancy. Cavorite comes to mind. With a strong enough lifting force armor becomes possible. Clockwork ailerons could make bombs into self-correcting air torpedoes while dastardly spies guide the attack with wireless telegraphy.
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